About Me

I have been a professional photographer for 23 years. In the beginning I focused on fine art photography. I had some gallery shows and sold some of my work. Then I had a change in my life circumstances and found myself in a position requiring me to earn a steady income. I began to focus on weddings and portraiture, which kept me very busy and happy for a number of years. I always made time to travel. I've been to 25 of our national parks to date and have traveled around Canada and some of Europe. It was in these times, when I was photographing, purely for me and my love of photography, that I have been the happiest. 

Usually I would return home from a trip, take a brief look at what I had shot, and get back to work. I always knew someday I wanted to really explore these images and in the back of my my mind I had an idea for designing t-shirts with my images. When I visit a place I always get at least one shirt to remind me of my time there. I have an acquaintance who questioned why I would put my art on a T-shirt, surely I could sell fine art prints, or try for a show. I probably will try those, but I love t-shirts! Not everyone can afford art prints, but most people can afford a t-shirt. 

Once again I find myself with a big change in my life circumstances. I'm going to use this opportunity to follow one of my dreams! 

Important moments come and go in all of our lives. While moments can't last forever, two things can, our memories and our pictures. I have tried to create collections that will take you back to a special place and time in your life. Who can ever forget the first time they saw the Grand Canyon? Or the first time you were stuck in a traffic jam with a herd of bison? My hope is that my shirts, hoodies and mugs remind you of one of your special moments!